Sir Isaac Brock KB (6, October, 1769 - 13, October, 1812) known as The Hero of Upper Canada was an Anglo-British colonial administrator, officer, and soldier. He served as Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada Major-General of the 49th Hertfordshire Regiment, and achieved considerable victories for the British while repelling the American invasion during the War of 1812.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Isaac Brock was born at St. Peter Port, Guernsey in the Channel Islands, on 6, October, 1769, to John Brock and his wife Elizabeth de Lisle. Isaac received his elementary education in Guernsey, reputedly an assiduous student, exceptional boxer and talented swimmer. He studied French, history, literature, and sciences. During his life he maintained the importance of education, keeping a modest collection of English & French literature including the works of Samuel Johnson, Shakespeare, and Voltaire.

Military Service Edit

On 8, March, 1785, at the age of fifteen, Brock enlisted with the 8th King's Regiment and served with the unit for six years. In 1790, Brock began recruiting a company of soldiers, and by 15, June, 1791, he was appointed Captain of the company and transferred to the 49th Hertfordshire Regiment. Early in his service the regiment served in the Caribbean, however Brock retired to England after contracting a severe, incapacitating fever that forced him to retire from his post in the West Indies. On 22, March, 1798, Brock was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel, assuming substantive command of the regiment after the retirement of Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick Keppel.

In 1799, the regiment was assigned to the Helder Expedition against the Batavian Republic, and Brock saw his first combat experience

Trivia Edit

  • Brock was bilingual and fluent in English and French.