British Empire Edit

Canada Edit

Physicians: Edit

  • Dr. Frederick Banting - Canadian painter, physician, scientist, and soldier who served during WWI and discovered insulin, for which he received the Nobel Prize for Physiology & Medicine.
  • Dr. Norman Bethune - Canadian inventor, physician and soldier who served in the Spanish Civil War, and the Second Sino-Japanese War during WWII. He invented the mobile blood transfusion unit, and additionally he provided humanitarian aid to Chinese and Japanese forces.

Soldiers: Edit

  • Sir Isaac Brock - British colonial administrator and soldier who served during the War of 1812.

South Africa Edit

Entrepreneurs: Edit

  • Cecil Rhodes - British colonial administrator, industrialist, property magnate, and politician who served as head of the British South Africa Company and fifth Prime Minister of Cape Colony. He founded the Colony of Rhodesia and commanded British forces in the Siege of Kimberley during the Second Boer War.

Southern Rhodesia Edit

Politicians: Edit

  • Ian Smith - Anglo-Rhodesian colonial administrator, fighter pilot, politician, and soldier who served in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War and served as Prime Minister of Southern Rhodesia. He founded and served as the first Prime Minister of the Republic of Rhodesia.

United States of America Edit

Politicians: Edit

  • Calvin Coolidge - American lawyer and politician who served as thirtieth President of the United States.

Soldiers: Edit

  • George Washington - American politician, soldier, and surveyor who fought for the British Empire during the Seven Years War, and served as Commander-In-Chief of the Continental Army and first President of the United States.